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Humble Beginnings.

Missioner AMC 

Ordained Missioner of Seeds for the entire Community of Watts, California USA, California and the USA.

Working with the Youth of South Los Angeles, training them to prepare to manufacture in Watts.

We are moving our Non-GMO crops from Africa to California to create -Affordable Organics for Trade.

We have trained over 30,000 Youth of Los Angeles since 1975, to manufacture our Products - 


Our Certified Organic Brands for Global Trade.

200m USA Products.

AMC offers Customized, Non-GMO Products.

200m USA Products.

AMC offers Custom Manufacturing with 500 California Co-Packers!

Offering up to Net 180, to all Foreign Buyers!

The United States Import/Export Bank.


We lift off into E-Commerce on "BLACK FRIDAY" 2019.

We offer Foreign Buyers today up to Net 180, for all of our 200m USA Products, via EXIM Bank.

Present Status of our Abilities.


We are importing our crops into California, to commence E-Commerce, as well as Global Bulk Sales, Retail and Wholesale Food Service products.

We offer Youth Employment.


Offering our Youth employment.

We are ready to give a helping hand to train, On-The-Job.

We work to see our Youth succeed!🌟