Anna Carter's
The Seed Lady


The Original "SEED LADY" Store was on Crenshaw in 1992, after the Rodney King riots.
Providing organic vegetables, house plants and organic seeds, as seen in the LA Times, 1994!
We are calling all youth to come and pick up their organic supplies to start growing their own organic food.
We will be open for only 2 hours - 11am to 1pm on Saturday Mornings, Please call for dates!  323 969-4740
Please order Online at ChernozemOrganicsGlobalakaBLACK

Try all of our products from Wallerwee Fitness Brands :

Come order your Portable Organic Gardens, Beautiful House Plants, and your ORGANIC SEEDS Online or for Home Delivery!

Gardening classes available for Youth - Call 969-4740 for reservations.
Excercise Classes at both Black Diamond and the Boxing gym - "Let's Work it out!!"-AMC

We will showcase our "Chernozem Organics Global aka BLACK ORGANICS" products in a grand showcase here, also!
MEMBERS that wish to pick up their fresh produce from our farms, may also call for pick up here between 11am and 1pm on Saturdays!
323 969-4740
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