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November 1, 2016 Global Launch of Real Good Hair Grow by AMC.
Please email your Purchase Order requests to our factory in California directly -
MOQ - 100 units.

Ms. Carter at the Natural Products Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA., launching The Seed Lady's Kiss in 2010, at the
NUTIVA'S, Inc. booth!  I Love Nutiva!!! AMC

Press Release -
Anna Carter's The Seed Lady presents....


Graduates from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy!
Also included, Chef Faye Stamper, Chef Susan Rigali, Chef John Rader, and Chef Anna Marie!
Featuring - Lil Willie, 10 year old Organic/Non-GMO urban farmer and producer of his own VAP lines!

                                        PRODUCT CATALOG
Coming to the List of Products for Anna Carter's The Seed Lady for the Fall of 2014...
Seed Lady Blak Olives - Black Olives in Spices! - Sept. 3rd.
Seed Lady Organic Non-GMO Flour - Sept. 4th.
Seed Lady Pesto - Mr. Pesto - Sept. 7th.
Seed Lady Hummus - Sept. 8th.
Seed Lady Health Tortillas - Sept. 9th.
Seed Lady Healthy Flat Breads - Sept 10th.
Seed Lady Sun Dried Tomatoes - Sept 12th.
Seed Lady Olive Oil w/California Herbs and Spices - Sept. 13

ACT SLOW's Lastest!!! - "REAL PHAKE UP".
100% Organic, Non-GMO, No Nano, Edible MAKE-UP!!!!
Made from Nutiva's product lines!!!
Launching New Years Day - 2015!
by AMC

Organic Coffee, Organic Coffee, Organic Coffee!!!!
Intoducing - CHOCOLATE COFFEE! Designed as an educational launch including students from California Universities and High schools studying Afro-American Studies!  
Proceeds from the sale of CHOCOLATE COFFEE send our youth to Africa to establish new, International Trade routes to create businesses and new healthy green products for our community!
We also farm with female farmers in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana!

Ms. Anna Marie Carter is now a distributor for America's No. 1 Organic Coffee!

ORGANO GOLD! OG Coffee is the leading Organic Coffee in the US!
My favortite - Gourmet Cafe Mocha!!

International Coffee Buyers - Call me directly for more information about this superior label!
To purchase go to my website, click on BUY PRODUCT.
Business Partners - Log in, Click SPONSER!


CHOCOLATE COFFEE has been formulated as a California State Student project launching our very own organic coffee, blended with the finest chocolate!
We are launching our own brand for our Home/Office delivery that links our students with the farmers and youth of Africa!!

Chef Anna Marie Carter presents - The Carver Cookies!
Made with the Product Lines of Nutiva, Inc.
Pack of 10
$8 Wholesale per unit USD. Only for International Export.

The Seed Lady & Lil' Willie announce their collaborative spice mixture!
The Seed Lady's Kiss featuring Lil' Willie's Chilies!
Use on EVERYTHING!!! Delectable! A No.1, Our mix is a Winner!
3 OZ
$10 Wholesale per unit USD.

4 OZ
$7 Wholesale per unit USD.

Dedicated to Ms. Gloria and Mr. John Freeman!

Their dream is our liberation! They facilitated our first factory in Watts, CA. USA!
10 inch Pizza
Featuring The Seed Lady's KISS featuring Lil' Willies Chilies!
Frozen. Non-GMO and Vegan!
Made with Bob's Old Mill Organic, Non-GMO Wheat!
Mild Red Sauce, Green Herbs and Vegetables, Black Olives!
Inspired by the Freedoms Schools Summer School - "LIBERATION!!!"

$8 Wholesale per unit USD.

Green Ghetto Goddess Non-GMO Salad Dressing!
1 OZ
A Trademark package design by Anna Marie Carter!
Contains Chia Seeds and The Seed Lady's Kiss, featuring Lil' Willies Chilies Mix, Shake them together for a wonderful, fresh and healthy Non-GMO Salad Dressing!
Lose that Gut, Keep that Butt!

$3 Wholesale per unit USD.

16 FL OZ
Universally Yours
100% Organic USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil - Private Label from NUTIVA, Inc.
Re-packaged in USA Collectable BALL GLASS MASON JARS!
Proudly manufactured and distributed from Watts, California, USA.

Used for EVERYTHING ORGANIC!  Crosses over from body care/hair care/cooking/baking/sunscreen/ect.
The No. 1 Organic product used in California, USA.  Superior Flavor packaged in Glass!

$7.00 Wholesale per unit USD.

1/2 FL OZ
TaT TaT Creme is our same organic coconut oil we infuse with oxygen! It is spun and whipped for a light creamy texture!  Designed for young people to enhance tattoos.  We also use it as a night eye cream for Women, a non-greasy lip moisturizer, a natural deodorant, an organic sunscreen endorsed by our own Dr. Oz!

$3 Wholesale per unit USD.

Coconut Chicken Re-Mix
Chef Anna Marie Carter's secret formula organic spice mixture that created her World Famous Coconut Chicken from California, USA.
Formally launched from BLOOMINGDALES, SOUTH COAST PLAZA in COSTA MESA September 27, 2011.
Known World-wide as the Most Expensive Spice Mixture in the World!
Crosses over to all dishes, including meat!

$10 Wholesale per unit USD.

The Seed Lady's Kiss Spiced Oils.
Our Organic Coconut Oil infused with California Organic Culinary Herbs and Spices - Designed for those who are busy or do not know how to season food!  Pour a little over food and it is perfectly seasoned!
$5 Wholesale per unit USD.

Salt of the Earth!
4 OZ.
84 Minerals.
Everything you need for a healthy body!
Himalayan Salt from Pakistan..Oldest Salt in the World!

$5 Wholesale per unit USD

16 OZ
Certified Organic NON-GMO Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds are a personal crusade of the Seed Lady!  They prevent starvation!  Chia Seeds are the answer to the needs of hungry people on Planet Earth.  When you look at Ms. Carter's product list and are trying to choose what to order, order Chia first!  

Ms. Carter tells everyone she works with to take Chia and plant Chia!
The Plant grows into a bush that sprouts blueish/purpleish flowers.

You could live a healthy life if all you had was Chia! Healthy weight management is very important for the women of your Country!  This purchase will assist them in maintaining their weight, naturally!

Ms. Carter's No. 1 Product! CHIA SEEDS!
Good source of fiber and protein
Has more Omega-3 than flax
Contains rare antioxidents!
Encourages hair growth!

$10 Wholesale per unit USD

Chia was the food of the Mayan and Aztec Civilizations.  It is called runners food.  Chia is a complete protein!  Chia is the food of the 21st Century.  You save tons of money on food, because you are not hungry and you are full of energy!

Ms. Carter's private label of Chia Seeds is superior than all the others!  They are Certified Organic and are NON-GMO's.

Planting Chia Seeds from Anna Carter's The Seed Lady insures an Organic NON-GMO crop that insures food security, organic sustainability for your Country! 
16 FL OZ
Anna's Coconut Mana
This product is wonderful for Vegans and Vegetarians as it can be added to replace milk, butter, cheese and eggs!  People that suffer from allergies now have something they can use!  Ms. Carter uses Coconut Mana in her World Famous Pineapple Cobbler!
Pure Dried
12% fiber, 9% protein and good fats!
Use in baking or as a spread.
Add to smoothies, oatmeal, cakes and cookies!

Price varies call for quote!

Hemp Oil.  This emerald green liquid gem is magnificent in salads, marinades and bread.  Early in Ms. Carter's Organic culinary career, she cooked lunch for the Burbank Leadership.  Her secret - Chicken marinaded with Hemp Oil over night with fresh organic herbs for her gardens in Watts.  They are still talking about that lunch today with glowing reveiws!
16 OZ
Organic Hemp Oil
Omega ratio is closer to fish than any other land source!

Price varies - Call for Quote.

16 OZ
Organic Hemp Seeds
Blend with water to make hemp milk!
Ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 and contains rare GLA SDA good fats.
Add to cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, baked goods and salads!
Great when mixed with Chia for weight loss.
Also makes great candy when mixed with Coconut Mana and Coconut Oil!

Price Varies - Please Call for Quote.

New Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan Product Lines designed with Africa in mind! - Anna Carter's The Seed Lady - 2014
African Buyers Contact Ms. Carter directly!


Ms. Anna Marie Carter
Made for people who want to grow their hair out long!  Use while hair is wet, twist with Real Good Hair Grow. Let dry. Untwist and Go!
Use NO HEAT!!!
Can cross over to skin care!
3 OZ
Real Good Hair Grow, Grows Real Hair, Real Good!

$20 Wholesale per unit USD.

The Queens Butter
3 OZ
The Queens Butter

This product was made just for me!  Made for me, by me!  Never intended on sharing with ANYONE!
Totally fit for a Queen!  Works best on hot, wet skin!  Apply while massaging the skin until the body absorbs ever last drop!
Made in tiny batches, cured for 30 days, solar brewed!
DO NOT ask me what is in it, I will never tell!  Trademark Secret!!!

$50 Wholesale per unit USD.

The Kings Jam

This is the Male counterpart product....For You, King!
3 OZ
Head to toe beautiful skin!
For You King!

$5O Wholesale per unit USD.

OM Soap - Made by Ms. Carter, for Ms. Carter to clear her Eczema.
3 OZ
OM works for me!
Cleared up my rash and keeps it from returning! 
I am very, very happy! AMC

$5 Wholesale per unit USD.

673 Prosperity!
Blessed Oil Designed by the Children, for the Elders!
Smells like Chocolate, for scars, scrapes and scratches!  It is not easy being a kid!
2 OZ

IT WORKS, in all ways!

$5 Wholesale per unit USD

3 OZ

Makes your skin darker, and your skin sparkles, like Glass!
Thick and creamy, BLACK GLASS is an Excellent Sun Screen!
Stay out in the Sun, never peel or burn!
Excellent for making your complexion ONE EVEN DARK COLOR!
No more need for TOXIC FAKE UP!

$15 Wholesale per unit USD.

Love Jones
Love Potion that works too good.
Be careful for what you ask for!
Think twice!
1 OZ
$4 Wholesale per unit USD.
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