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Social Justice and Enviornmentalism

2013-Introducing the CALIFORNIA ORGANIC MERCANTILE by Anna Carter's The Seed Lady.

Buy/Sell/Trade - All Organic Commodities - Contact: Anna Carter's The Seed Lady at (323) 334-7567 or

MS. WALLERWEE introduces "The Unknown Zone" - 2.  Fitness for Special Needs!
Barley Grass
Use with personalized excercise workouts made for People with Special Needs!

Sabrina McGee" Universal Sunshine".

Sabrina McGee"s "UNIVERSAL SUNSHINE" Brand.
Sabrina McGee has been designated "The Seed Lady of the South!".
A Hard working wife and mother of 2, Sabrina works with the elderly, caring for them in their last days.  Long hours of care for others has taught her about relaxation!! UNIVERSAL SUNSHINE does just that!! Ylang Ylang in a special formulation, is so soothing, so relaxing....UNREAL!! Our first product on our Platform!

Bernie B's Clean Soap!
Bernie B is my driver and my friend.  Bernie suffers from OCD.
His soap is unscented, and extremely clean!
It is made from the finest organic vegetable glycerin in California.
Bernie B made one please hire members of his special needs community, to wrap his soap!  We did!
In addition, Bernie is giving 1% of all his sales to the International OCD Foundation!!

Chernozem means "Black Earth".  If you think it has everything to do with color..You are correct!  The Earth is made of black bands of rich soil called "Humus". Extremely rich bands of black soil, the finest for growing.
This technically means "Your Mama is Black!!" RESPECT YOUR MOTHER!!!
If we do not educate ourselves....We will no longer have any place to live!

"Black Organics" Platform has included 100% Organic Products only, from widows, orphans, the mentally challenged, disabled, children, and disadvantaged youth.
Native, Asian, Black, White, Brown.
We are one force to be recognized as the future of organics!

Our 100% Organic, Non-GMO Products lines create green jobs for us!
Distributors, Our pristine product lines are available for international export!

As a 5 Star Vegan, Non-GMO Chef,
"BLACK ORGANICS", is my life! Creating real food for real people is my intention!

Ms. Carter has spent her adult  life in Watts, CA. working as a "Soulutionary".
With the unwavering support of Mr. John Roulac, CEO of Nutiva, Inc., We together built 11,100 organic gardens in South Los Angeles, CA.  donating them to shelters, AIDS/HIV centers, drug rehabs, schools, and the People that live in the neighborhoods and housing projects of Watts.  "If it was not for Nutiva, none of this would have sprouted!" declares Ms. Carter.

The Following pictures will show you just 2 years work of 40 years total.  "I LOVE WATTS!" is her trademark slogan. 
Ms. Carter's plans are to build factories to employ youth in Watts between the ages of 18 and 26.

As a Missioner of Seeds, Ms. Carter stand firmly on Genesis 1:11 - where it clearly states that "God made the seeds on the third day" and said "It is Good". 
"The Seeds are our children and we need to save them!" proclaims Ms. Carter as she creates organic products to give them jobs for employment.  "Together, We Rise!" states Ms. Carter.

"And we rise DRUG FREE!  All of you know that I DO NOT WANT YOU TO USE OR TAKE DRUGS!!!!! You know who I am talking too!
The drugs are genetically engineered to make you insane.  How can we run a good company with you high?
Tobacco is tainted with poison!
The alcohol is also genetically engineered because it contains crops that are contaminated with GMO's, sulfides, and pesticides! 
All the food in our communities in South Los Angeles are GMO'S. It is designed for your demise and you know it!
If I find out through testing that you are using, you will be sent to rehabilitation. 
If you have made the decision to get clean, and can prove to me that you have made it through rehabilitation - you can be considered for rehire.  I can train you, but I cannot keep you sober, that is your responsibility!
Do the right thing, your community needs you!!  I've got tough love for you babies!" AMC

These young people from Watts will soon all have jobs as soon as we finish building the factories!  Most will be managers.
I am very proud of their sacrifice and determination!
Anna Carter's The Seed Lady is dedicated to giving green jobs to disadvantaged youth in South Los Angeles.  We need purchase orders for our organic products - Proudly Made in Watts!  Help us help ourselves!  We are waiting.  (323) 969-4740 or (323) 334-7567  We thank you in advance!
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